The etoken of alitaX is an xec-based token Created by @alitayin(me), with a supply of 100. AlitaX can be used to pay for my design services or other services.

alitaX etoken id:

Web UI/UX design=1 alitaX per page
APP UI/UX design=1 alitaX per page
c4d object= 1~2 alitaX each
blender object= 1~2 alitaX each
c4d scen= 3~10 alitaX per scene
Poster design = 1 alitaX each
logo design = 1 alitaX each
Illustration design = 1~3 alitaX each
To be added

Any user who holds alitaX can ask me for services.
The delivery date does not exceed 30 days, and the validity period is permanent.

For service, send the request to:

I will ask for alitaX as a fee.
i will give domain name as a gift to who firtstly hold 30 alitaX